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The Year of the Dog Horoscopes ,. Instead of Gods and Goddesses, the symbols used in Chinese astrology are animals, and as the Chinese New Year falls on a different day every year, you will need to check the date of the new year at the time of your birth to be certain of which animal year sign falls to you, if you were born around the beginning of the Chinese year.

Chinese Horoscopes & Astrology

Each new year comes under the influence of an animal in the Chinese zodiac. Here is a list of these animals and the years they rule. Those born in the year of a particular animal are influenced by the traits of that sign. In a more detailed horoscope, the animal of the month, day, and hour of birth will also be taken into consideration. Rat: The rat is a charmer and not slow to make the most of any favorable opportunity.

Rats do well in real estate, public relations, and advertising. Rats are sociable, dealing easily with people from all backgrounds, and they certainly enjoy the good life.

How to Read Your Chinese Horoscope: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

They have sharp wits and even sharper tongues. Ox Buffalo in the Vietnamese zodiac : The strong, conservative Ox is born to lead.

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The Ox is loyal and patient and sooner or later, will make his or her mark in life. Tiger: The tiger is a courageous and noble soul, but also highly sensitive and quick to take offence. Tigers are likely to leap in where less hot-headed animals would fear to tread, and they can be very hard to control. They need a career where they can be boss, or strike out on their own with no one to give them orders. Rabbit Cat in the Vietnamese zodiac : The elegant, peace-loving rabbit is the soul of tact and would never dream of deliberately hurting anyone.

The rabbit would prefer a simple white lie to an outright truth which could ruin a moment or damage a friendship. Rabbits are considered very lucky and do well in careers that bring out their people skills, such as law, acting, or diplomacy. Dragon: The talented, artistic Dragons are the real show-offs of the Chinese Zodiac. They are always popular and they easily influence those around them. Dragons are determined, successful, and enthusiastic.

Dragons usually find successful careers in the performing or creative arts, or in politics.

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  • The Chinese zodiac animals were assigned months on the traditional Chinese solar calendar. Each animal sign corresponds with two of the 24 solar terms, for a period similar to a Western zodiac month. This means that the Western astrological signs and Chinese zodiac months have a half-month overlap , as can be seen in the diagram right. Read more about the Solar Terms here.

    Within the simplified Western astrological framework, signs are divided per month, while the Chinese signs are divided on a year-by-year basis when it comes to popular astrology. This means that in Chinese beliefs, people who were born in the same year have similar traits, as opposed to the Western belief that those born in the same month-long time frame have similar traits.

    The myth behind the Chinese zodiac - Megan Campisi and Pen-Pen Chen

    However, of course, there is more to it. In Western astrology, apart from the constellations, the planets, for example, symbolize basic motivations in the human psyche. Beside the yearly zodiac, Chinese astrology has three other pillars that create your fate, making four pillars in total: birth year, birth month, birth day, and birth hour.

    Chinese Zodiac Signs & Meanings

    When comparing the four pillars to Western astrology , the main difference is that Western astrology focuses on celestial alignment of constellations with planets, stars, the moon, etc. In the popularly-used Chinese astrology system the lunar calendar , each month begins with a new moon and lasts for 29 or 30 days. The Chinese New Year date and length of a lunar year change by up to a month relative to a solar calendar.

    However, "professional" or conventional Chinese astrology mainly uses the traditional solar calendar when it comes to making predictions and laying out horoscopes.

    Learning About Chinese Zodiac Signs

    In this method, a year begins on February 4th within a day. The Western astrological calendar is based on the Earth's orbit around the sun and resulting celestial alignment , which gives every zodiac month a set date within a day , lasting between 29 and 31 days. The below zodiac calculato The Year of Dog The Years of Dog: In the Chinese year-cycle zodiac animal signs, is the year of dog. If you born in , , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chinese zodiac sign of dog. The Year of Rat. The Years of Rat: Rats have many superiorities in personality.

    Were you born in the year of Rat? If you born in ,, , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chinese zodiac dog. The Year of Ox. The Years of Ox: Oxen have many superiorities in personality. Were you born in the years of Ox? If you born in , , , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chinese zodiac Ox. The Year of Tiger. Years of the Tiger: Tigers have many superiorities in personality.

    Were you born in the years of tiger? If you born in , , , , , , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chinese zo The Year of Rabbit. Years of the Rabbit: Rabbit s have many superiorities in personality. Were you born in the years of rabbit? If you born in , , , , , , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chines

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